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Dates of the coming sessions:
> 15-19 June 2009 (Paris)
> 6-10 July 2009 (Paris)
> 21-25 September 2009 (Paris)
> 9-13 November 2009 (Geneva - Switzerland)
> 23-27 November 2009 (Paris)
> 14-18 December 2009 (Paris)
> 1-5 March 2010 (Toulouse)
Dates subject to modification without prior notice. The sessions will only take place if the number of registered attendants is high enough.


ISO27001 Lead Auditor (ISMS Lead Auditor) courses (ISMS Lead Auditor) allows you to become auditor or person in charge for audit (Lead Auditor 27001) of information security management systems (ISMS).

International recognition

The training by HSC and the examination by LSTI are internationally recognized, on the same level as the other trainings and examinations available on the market.
For more information, see the page Certification by LSTI.


The duration is 5 days : 4.5 days of course and a half-day of exam, that is to say a 40 hours training course, splitted in 31.5 hours of course and 3.5 hours of exam at HSC, and 5 hours of individual work by doing the exercices at home. This duration of 40 hours is requested to follow the 7.4.4 of IS19011:2002 standard, wich specify this duration for auditors initial training.


This training is given by two to three consultants among the following:

  • Alexandre Fernandez-Toro (Alexandre.Fernandez@hsc.fr)
    • BS7799 Lead Auditor certified by BSI
    • ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified by LSTI
    • ISO27001 Lead Implementer certified by LSTI
    • CISSP, ITIL foundations et ITIL practitioner certified
    • ISMS auditor for several certification organisations
    • Former member of the "club EBIOS"
    • Member of the "Club 27001"
    • Registered as ISMS Provisional Auditor by the IRCA under the number 01186952 (International Register of Certificated Auditor)
  • Hervé Schauer (Herve.Schauer@hsc.fr)
    • ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified by LSTI
    • ISO27001 Lead Implementer certified by LSTI
    • ProCSSI certified
    • CISSP, ITIL certified
    • Registered as ISMS Provisional Auditor by RABQSA under the number 105219
    • Participating to the normalization in security at AFNOR since 1990 and at CN27 since its creation in 1993
    • Member of the ISO 27001 group of the Clusif, working on measurements and metrics (ISO 27004)
    • Former member of the Club EBIOS
    • Host of Club 27001
  • Benjamin Arnault (Benjamin.Arnault@hsc.fr)
    • ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified by LSTI
    • ISO27001 Lead Implementer certified by LSTI
    • CISSP and GIAC GCFA certified
    • ITIL certified
    • Member of "Club 27001"
  • Raphael Marichez (Raphael.Marichez@hsc.fr)
    • ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified by LSTI
    • ISO27001 Lead Implementer certified by LSTI
    • Member of AFCDP

Pre-requisite for attendants

to come

Teaching method

The pedagogic method is based upon the four following practices :

  • Authoritative course based upon ISO 19011, ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 (formerly ISO 1799) standards, illustrated with real cases examples.
  • Individual exercises to review and be prepared for the examination.
  • Practical group and individual exercises, based on real audit cases, with oral presentation.
  • One role game auditor / audited.

Related courses

Essential of ISO27001 series
ISO27001 Lead Implementer (ISMS Lead Implementer)


The course is delivered in french and in french only. Course material include slides in French (about 330), exercices in French (about 30 pages), exercices corrections in french (about 10 pages), and all others documents in french or english necessary for the course.


Welcome of participants

  • General description of the course
  • Introduction to management systems
ISO 27001 standard presentation
  • ISMS notion (Information Security Management System)
  • PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) model
  • Records
  • Assets inventory
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment
ISO 27001 certification process

ISO 27002 (formerly ISO 17799) standard presentation
  • Categories of controls
  • Organizational controls
  • Technical controls
ISO 19001 auditing scheme presentation Applying the ISO 19011 scheme to ISO 27001 conformity audits
  • ISO 27006 standard
  • Certification rules and regulations
  • Practical examples
technical interview

Exercises for examination preparation


Methods of inscription

For registering an HSC course, please contact our training department by phone : +33 141 409 704 or by email at formations@hsc.fr, with first and last name of every student, your postal address and your company VAT number. Thoses informations enable us to send your the training agreement. The training agreement must be return agreed with signature and company stamp with you purchase order, at least 6 days before the course. The purchase order should precise your billing address and our payment regulations : net 30 days from our invoice date. Registration is completed as soon as we received those two documents.

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