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This course is only available in intra-company session.

Email is a very important application, one of the most useful on current networks. Quicker and less expensive than most other communication means (fax, phone, postal mail, courier...), email is a more and more important vector of internal and external communication. In the TCP/IP networks world, SMTP is far the most used mail service, notably with the Unix tool sendmail.

The free software Postfix is a mail manager which is simple to configure and was conceived for optimal security. Furthermore, it requires little system resources and thus represents a real alternative to sendmail. Choosing postfix is justified both for large and small needs.


Master Posftix core elements, in order to integrate it in a production environment and to add any filtering (anti-virus, anti-spam, etc.).


1 day.


Raphael Marichez

Pre-requisite for attendants

This practical and technical course is meant for mail server administrators and persons in charge.
The trainees must have already installed and used Postfix and know the SMTP protocol basics. They must also have a knowledge of access tables, transports, daemons and services (master.cf) using Postfix. The exhaustive knowledge of all the Postfix configuration options (main.cf) is not a requirement.

Teaching method

Lecture, with numerous examples of practical applications.

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Sendmail Postfix



[Course]  Course material [12 October 1999 - French]

  • Partie 1 : Faiblesses du SMTP
    • Type de spams :
      • Phishing
      • Commerce
      • Arnaques
      • Programmes malveillants
    • Filtrage réseau (IP)
    • Filtrage protocolaire (greylist, greylist sous conditions...)
    • Filtrage de contenu
  • Partie 2 : Filtrage avancé avec Postfix
    • "Simple Content Filter"
    • "Advanced Content Filter"
    • "Before-queue content filter"
    • "Before-queue Milter Support" (v2.3 et +)
    • Policy Service
  • Partie 3 : Evolutions des filtres et des contre-mesures
    • Realtime BlackLists
    • Conformité stricte au protocole
    • Greylist
    • Quotas
    • Autorisation de l'émetteur (SPF, Sender-Id, Yahoo! DKIM)
    • Filtrage de contenu :
      • Bayésien pur
        • base commune
        • bases par utilisateur
        • combinaison
      • pondérations (SpamAssassin)
      • Amavis
      • Bases d'empreintes (ClamAV, dcc, Razor, Pyzor...)
      • URI-blacklists
      • Filtrage des pièces jointes :
      • Reconnaissance d'image
      • Bases d'empreintes
    • Combinaisons et pondérations
      • conditions avec smtpd_restriction_classes
      • pondération avec les policy servers
    • Utilisation de l'authentification TLS
      • Principe de fonctionnement
      • Implémentation dans Postfix
  • Partie 4 : Effectuer les modifications de manière sûre
    • techniques et diagnostics
    • risques d'une mauvaise configuration
    • supervision

Methods of inscription

For registering an HSC course, please contact our training department by phone : +33 141 409 704 or by email at formations@hsc.fr, with first and last name of every student, your postal address and your company VAT number. Thoses informations enable us to send your the training agreement. The training agreement must be return agreed with signature and company stamp with you purchase order, at least 6 days before the course. The purchase order should precise your billing address and our payment regulations : net 30 days from our invoice date. Registration is completed as soon as we received those two documents.

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