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This search engine enables you to conduct a search on the pages of HSC's public web site. Instructions on how to fill this form are given below.

Enter a list of words separated by spaces or a boolean expression such as (word1 OR word2) AND word3 NOT word4. Searching on a sentence is not supported yet.

All words Any word Boolean expression

Results' display
Format: Sort by: Matches per page:

Scope of the search
Search in: Language:

Words list and match type

The text field can contain:

  • A list of words separated by spaces (searching for a sentence is not supported yet); in this case select "All words" or "Any word" as match type.
  • A boolean expression; in this case select "Boolean expression" as match type. The keywords which can be used in a boolean expression are AND, OR and NOT, as well as brackets. Example: (unix or windows) and security not network.
Punctuation marks, words consisting of less than 3 letters and a set of too common words are ignored.

Results' display

Three display parameters can be modified:

  • Format: long (title, extract, info on the file), short (title only).
  • Sort by: order in which the results appear.
  • Matches per page

Scope of the search

You can restrict the search to a part of the site or to documents written in a given language.

  • Search in: enables to restrict the search to documents located in a given part of the site.
  • Language: if you select "English" (respectively "French"), documents whose extension indicates that thay are in French (respectively English) will not appear in the list of matches. Documents in an excluded language may appear in the list if they do not contain the proper extension.
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